“Working But Still Poor” Conference

2017 Working But Still Poor Conference

Make Good Trouble: The Politics of Progressive Change on Long Island

Keynote Speaker: Sarita Gupta, Executive Director, National Jobs with Justice
Read Sarita’s bio here


How Personal Narratives Can Power Community Organizing (Part 1&2) – Session A & B
This workshop will be a hands-on session on how to gather and use personal stories to mobilize grassroots organizing for economic justice.

Bridging Long Island Race and Class Divides on Economic Justice – Session A ONLY
This workshop will profile populist organizing and messaging strategies to unite people of color, working-class whites, poor people and progressive allies around a common agenda for economic justice on Long Island.

Widening the Movement for Workers’ Rights on Long Island – Session B ONLY
This workshop will profile current union and community organizing campaigns as well as union efforts around economic development to connect labor issues with the interests of the wider public.

Messaging Economic Justice So It Resonates with the Public (repeated twice) – Session A & B
This workshop will draw from the national JwJ webinars that used survey data to message economic justice/antipoverty issues and union issues to create broad public support for these positions. 

How Congregations Can Dialogue & Advocate to Support Immigrant Justice (Part 1&2) – Session A & B
This workshop will use the Fairfield University toolkit “One Parish/One Community” as well as JwJ faith immigration toolkits to help congregations speak about, organize and advocate for comprehensive immigration reform.

Organizing Communities to Resist Deportations (repeated twice) – Session A & B
This workshop will profile the menu of JwJ actions to help communities organize resistance to deportations and support for deportees, such as Know Your Rights trainings, the ICE raid hot line, Rapid Response Teams, the Accompanying Project and places of worship offering sanctuary.


By mail: download printable registration form to mail with check

Online: register and pay online here


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