Immigration Resources

How to Be a Sanctuary Congregation on Long Island

Capture 2

Immigrant Accompaniment Project – Best Practices for Accompanying Immigrants to Long Island Courts


We Are All Immigrants:

We Are All Immigrants Educational Resources (2014 Revised)

We Are All Immigrants Organizing Toolkit (2014 Revised)

Immigration Reform:

Immigration reform letter

Immigration reform letter (Spanish)

How to Organize a Stop the Deportations Vigil

2013 Immigration Reform Resource Packet

2013 Pilgrimage Advocacy and Resource Guide

Calling for Compassion for Refugee Children:

Compassion for Refugee Children Faith Sign-on Letter

Compasión y Atención a Niños Inmigrantes (Faith Sign-on Letter SPN)

October 26th Sermon Notes on Refugee Children

October 26th Jewish and Muslim Texts

October 26th Refugee Children Reflection Bulletin Insert

Refugee Children Fact Sheet and Bulletin Insert

Farmworker Justice:

Farmworkers Long Island Statistics

Farmworker Fair Labor Practices Act

Justice for Farmworkers Need Senator Support Letter

Justice for Farmworkers Supportive Senators Letter

Prayers and Sermon Notes:

Remember the Immigrant Prayer

Good Samaritan Sermon Notes – July 14th 2013

Roots of Migration 2014 Tour Schedule

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