Immigrants Are Under Attack! We WILL Resist!

Yesterday was difficult for immigrant communities and advocates, even though we knew it was coming. It was difficult because we know the orders that were signed, the ones that proceeded them, and the ones that are soon to come were meant to destabilize our communities so that billionaires can continue to consolidate their power and uphold a racist, xenophobic status-quo.

But we will resist!

At Long Island Jobs with Justice, we are preparing for worker defense, sanctuary and rapid response to pending raids on Long Island. Join us on Wednesday, February 8th, at a community training on how to support our immigrant friends against unjust detention and deportation. For more information, visit:

Register here:

We must prepare for the times ahead. The more clarity we have about what we are doing and why, the more we can build our numbers and build our courage across Long Island!

Let’s renew our commitment to taking care of each other and resisting attacks on workers and families!

In Solidarity.


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