Grinch of the Year: Goodfellas Billiards!

Since the elections, a number of worker justice organizations have reported an increase in wage theft and threats towards precarious workers across Long Island.  At Jobs with Justice, we are committed to not allowing this to become the new normal.

A worker at Good Fellas Billiards Pub has reported to us that she has been the victim of wage theft. Her employer, Angel Alcantra has refused to pay her the $450.00 he owes her since June 2016. This is not a lot of money for a business owner but for a low-wage worker this can make the difference between being able to afford a place to live, groceries, and paying monthly bills.

As the Holiday season approaches, we are determined to get Rosa the money she  is owed, and we need your help. Please call Good  Fellas Billiards,ask for Angel, and let him know wage theft is bad for business and demand that he pay  the $450.00 he owes. Let him know you will not patronize the establishment until he pays what he owes. Please help spread the word to friends in the area.

Phone: (631) 736-6363

Address:  679 Middle Country Rd, Selden, NY 11784


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