NYS DREAM Act One Step Closer to Becoming a Reality!


After years of fighting for the passage of the New York State DREAM Act, yesterday we came one step closer to victory. In his State of the State address, Governor Cuomo finally called for its passage! This is definitely a positive first step to making DREAM legislation a reality for thousands of hardworking undocumented youth in New York; however, we remain wary of its packaging with the Education Tax Credit bill that can divert millions from public education.

This announcement came days after our rally at the Governor’s office in Hicksville.

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We believe the DREAM Act will have a tremendous impact on Long Island’s immigrant families and the educators who have worked tirelessly to ensure that all opportunities, despite their limitations, are available to their undocumented students. And, when thinking about the long-term economic impact, Peggy, a retired Long Island teacher, said it perfectly: “Allowing our NY State Dreamers who are full of courage, creativity and intellect to access funding for higher education is a way of insuring the future of NY State.”

We would like to commend all of the Dreamers, workers, faith leaders, educators, and allies who came together to push for the inclusion of the NY DREAM Act into the the state budget. Thank you for coming to marches, organizing, calling in, providing meeting spaces, and otherwise showing support.

In order to keep growing our movement, we must continue to stand for education and dignity for all our young people!!



HUGE Victory for Dreamers

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Today marks a very exciting day for Dreamers, their families, friends and DREAM advocates. After many years of organizing, we managed to get the NYS DREAM Act to pass in the New York State Assembly! We want to take a moment to celebrate this important victory and reflect on the hard work it took to get us here.

We have been organizing with undocumented young people for years on Long Island, long before the state bill even had a bill number, let alone a chance of passing. We’ve been coordinating workshops on how to apply to college if a student is undocumented, and how  deferred action has shifted the playing field. We organized the Long Island Coalition for the DREAM Act, took two buses up to Albany tolobby, and have held numerous rallies and press conferences in support of the bill. And finally, the Assembly followed their conscience and passed the bill. While this victory is HUGE, we have not yet won.

Many in the NY Senate, including all of our nine Long Island senators, have remained silent on the DREAM, or have expressed opposition. With only 15 days left in session, we must continue to demand that our senators do the right thing by passing the NY DREAM Act so that all young people have a chance at getting a college education.

Please call your senator today and tell them that the Assembly passed the DREAM Act and they should too! Our young people cannot wait another day at the hands of their inaction.

Thank you to the Long Island DREAM Act Coalition, all of Long Island’s Dreamers, community leaders and supporters for all of your dedication, support, and hard work. Let’s keep the pressure hot!