Yesterday’s primary election defeat of Republican Majority Leader Eric Cantor by the Tea Party has already been tagged as the “death of Comprehensive Immigration Reform” for 2014. A few weeks ago, President Obama put on hold his call for more “humane” deportation policies in the hope that this would move immigration reform in the House. So, now what?

We cannot remain silent in the face of this political paralysis. Join us on June 12th at 6 PM for  a Long Island Jobs with Justice “Father’s Day” vigil in East Meadow to “Stop the Deportations.”  This vigil is especially poignant and important because we will feature one undocumented immigrant, Wilfredis Ayala Castillo, who was arrested in January for unknowingly walking onto private property and now sits in an Alabama detention center awaiting deportation, separated from his wife and 5 year old son, Justin. Give us one hour tomorrow to be the voice for Wilfredis, and the 11 million other hard-working, undocumented immigrants like him who face a similar fate. Help bring Wilfredis home to his family.

Estimado amigos,

Ayer en la perdida de las elecciones primarias del republicano líder de la minoría Eric Cantor por el Tea Party ya se ha etiquetado como la “muerte de la reforma integral de inmigración” para el 2014. Hace unas semanas, el presidente Obama detenio su llamada para revizo a  las deportaciónes  en la esperanza de que se movería la reforma migratoria en la Casa. Así que, ¿ahora qué?

No podemos permanecer en silencio frente a esta parálisis político. Insto a que se unan con nosotros mañana, el 12 de junio a las 6pm  para una  vigilia en honor al Día del padre en East Meadow para “Alto a las deportaciones”. Esta vigilia es especialmente importante porque vamos a apoyar a un inmigrante indocumentado, Wilfredis Ayala Castillo, quien fue detenido en enero por  caminando a la propiedad privada  y ahora se encuentra en un centro de detención de deportación en  Alabama, separado de su esposa y hijo de 5 años, Justin. Danos una hora de su tiempo mañana para ser la voz de Wilfredis, y los otros 11 millones de trabajadores, los inmigrantes indocumentados como él, que se enfrentan a un destino similar.Ayuda a traer a  Wilfredis a casa con su familia.

Wilfredis Vigil 6.12.14

Wilfredis Vigilia

Pilgrimmage for Immigration Reform–and NEW Resource Guide!

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Despite the government shutdown and months of holdup in the House on immigration reform (and basically everything), today at 12PM, Democrats in the House plan to introduce an immigration reform bill that mirrors the Gang of 8’s Senate Bill passed in June. As we mobilize in support of the bill, we need your help!

We invite you to join us for our Interfaith Pilgrimage for Just Immigration Reform on Sunday, October 27th (rain or shine) 1:30pm-3pm. The march will begin at Our Lady of the Miraculous Medal RC Church on Straight Path in Wyandanch and ending, half mile down Straight Path, at the US Post Office. There, we will conduct a “Vigil to Stop the Deportations” and hear from faith and other leaders about the urgency of passing the Senate’s immigration reform bill in the House.

Your presence, your voice, your support, will help us gain support for immigration reform. As Congressman Peter King told us in our meeting with him in August, “Keep the pressure on” to get the Senate bill passed in the House. We hope that he will continue to support our efforts.

We will begin the march at Our Lady of the Miraculous Medal at 1:30 PM. There is parking on the church grounds. We suggest if you are attending in a group, that you come in at least two cars, leaving one car at the post office before the event for any who might not be able to walk back to Our Lady of the Miraculous Medal.

Take a step for just immigration reform by joining us on October 27th, and download our new pilgrimage resource guide for other events you can take part in leading up to the pilgrimage! Please let us know if you have questions, or RSVP to attend by emailing Anita at or call us at 631-348-1170 ext. 310.

Petition for REAL Immigration Reform

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Immigration reform means different things to different people. But here at Long Island Jobs with Justice, we are committed to ensuring that all families benefit from immigration reform proposals as they roll out. Please join us in signing this petition for real immigration reform. For a recent analysis of what ought to be included in progressive immigration reform, check out Charlene Obernauer’s recent Huffington Post article online here.