REPORT RELEASE: Lidl Offers Workers’ Substandard Jobs

On Monday, December 16th, a group of Lidl Best Market workers and Long Island Jobs with Justice released a report detailing the findings of a September 24th Workers’ Rights Board Hearing, where workers testified before a panel of community, faith and political leaders about the conditions of their workplace and their concern for the future of their jobs.

The following recommendations have been issued for Lidl’s immediate attention and response:

1. Treat all workers with dignity and respect by:

Paying all workers a living wage and providing benefits that are equal to local supermarket standards, including equivalent Sunday and holiday premium pay. 

Providing stable and predictable schedules. 

Offering affordable healthcare. 

2. Be truthful and transparent with workers by:

Providing greater transparency to workers about the future of their jobs and opportunities for promotion and growth in the company.

Providing greater transparency to all workers about opportunities available for store transfers, promotion and growth in the company. 

3. Offer a safe workplace for all workers by providing ongoing maintenance, repair and trainings

Read the full report by clicking image below
Watch live feed from the report release event


For nearly three years, workers at Best Market stores have been coming together to voice their concerns and improve conditions in their workplace. In November 2018, workers learned that Best Market sold their stores to a multinational corporation from Germany named Lidl. After the prior two years of fighting Best Market for better wages, stable hours and affordable benefits, workers were hopeful that their new employer Lidl, the fourth largest retailer in the industry, would do better. One year since Lidl’s acquisition, workers report little to no improvement.

Lidl is in the process of converting and re-bannering these Best Market stores to the predominant Lidl store operating model, which is no-frills shopping experience that presumably will require less staffing.

Despite Lidl telling workers that they will have an opportunity to keep their jobs, Lidl has not been clear about what this opportunity will look like long-term in terms of hours and work responsibilities. Lidl just opened its first re-bannered store of December 11th, 2019.


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