#GivingTuesday: We Are More Powerful When We Stand Together


Today is Giving Tuesday – the day when people give back to the causes they care about most.

With the biggest shopping season of the year upon us, corporate CEOs are doing everything they can to finance holiday bargains on the backs of hardworking people. Together we can change that.

Donate this Giving Tuesday and support Long Island Jobs with Justice as we lead a movement of activists to demand fair wages, just hours and decent lives for working families across Long Island.

We’ve already made huge strides so far this year:

  • Through community organizing, we pressured the New York Wage Board to raise the minimum wage for fast-food employees in the state to $15.
  • In March, we took on NICE Bus and successfully prevented a fare increase on some of Nassau’s most disenfranchised.
  • We provided information and resources to 740 immigrant parents and students on their educational and employment opportunities.
  • We helped support the organizing efforts of UFCW Local 2013 in their fight to win wage increases for their members working for Quality King, and Teamsters Local 1205 in their fight to win a good contract with improved worker protections for their members working for Baumann/Acme buses. Both locals were victorious!

Giving Tuesday is a great example of something we see every day in our work: we are more powerful when we stand together. So for those who care about workers’ rights, now is when our voices can have the most impact.

Donate TODAY and help us win more victories for working people across Long Island this holiday season and into the New Year.

We thank you for your ongoing support and hope that you will join us on this national day of giving, and thousands of others across the world, who are fighting for what’s right by giving back – and giving generously.

Thank you for joining us in the fight for working people everywhere.

In solidarity,

From all of us at Long Island Jobs with Justice

PS: After you give back, please spread the word on social media with the hashtag #GivingTuesday to inspire others to support Long Island Jobs with Justice!

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