Start Spreading the News, We Are Winning Today! $15 in New York!

Yesterday,  we reached a turning point in the fight to end income inequality in New York. The Labor Commissioner approved the Wage Board’s recommendation to raise the minimum wage for fast food workers to $15 an hour.

This victory will set the tone for improving wage standards for all New Yorkers – and it could not have happened without the courage and strength of workers and allies like you!

Today is a day to celebrate how far we have come. When we unite and organize, we win!

The fight is not over though. Yesterday, Governor Cuomo pledged to fight for a statewide minimum wage of $15 an hour for all workers. It will take all of us continuing to organize and advocate in order to make New York’s minimum wage a living wage for all workers.

We won in Seattle.

We won in San Francisco.

We won in Los Angeles.

And yesterday, we won in New York.


And just for fun —


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