Do Better Lidl Best Market

For nearly three years, workers at Best Market stores have been coming together to voice their concerns and improve conditions in their workplace. In November 2018, workers learned that Best Market sold their stores to a multinational corporation from Germany named Lidl. After the prior two years of fighting Best Market for better wages, stable hours and affordable benefits, workers were hopeful that their new employer Lidl, the fourth largest retailer in the industry, would do better. One year since Lidl’s acquisition, workers report little to no improvement.

On September 24th, Long Island Jobs with Justice held a Workers’ Rights Board Hearing where ten workers testified before a panel of community, faith and political leaders about the conditions of their workplace and their concern for the future of their jobs.

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Full report: Lidl Offers Workers Substandard Jobs

When irresponsible employers like Lidl Best Market provide poor benefits and wages, they not only hurt hard-working men and women – they feed an economic decline that hurts us all on Long Island. The workers at Lidl’s Best Market stores should not have to struggle alone. They are our neighbors and our friends, and when they struggle, it hurts our communities.

It’s time for Lidl Best Market to do the right thing and provide a better life to all the hard-working employees that keep the company running!