Ani Halasz

Executive Director

Ani is the Executive Director of Long Island Jobs with Justice. He was born in Romania and moved to New York City at the age of four.  He moved to Long Island in 2004 and received a Bachelors and Graduate Certificate in Women’s Studies from SUNY Stony Brook. Ani went on to receive a Masters in Disability Studies from the School of Professional Studies at CUNY. He began organizing as a student in college focusing on issues of corporate accountability and campus transparency. For 3 years, Ani led Stony Brook’s “Kick Coca-Cola Off Campus” campaign, which successfully ended a decade-long contract with Coca-Cola on the grounds of their environmental and human rights abuses in India and Colombia, respectively. Ani joined Long Island Jobs with Justice in 2010 as a part-time Administrative Assistant, and in 2011 joined the staff as a full-time immigrant rights organizer. During this time, Ani coordinated the Equal Education and Employment Project, which provided resources and advocacy opportunities to undocumented students and their families, and founded the Long Island DREAM Act Coalition. Ani became Executive Director of Long Island Jobs with Justice in January of 2014 and has since supported the organization in building projects and campaigns that honor the organization’s commitment to working people, economic justice and government accountability. He currently lives in Ronkonkoma with his son, Dimitri, and their 3-legged kitty, Butch.

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